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Jabs, jabs and more jabs.

There is no doubt that one of the more unpleasant aspects of getting prepared for a world wide journey is dealing with the diseases.  One of the first major issues to tackle is the malaria.

After reading that the best prevention for malaria was knowing that malaria existed (not really that re-assuring), I started downloading maps.  Lots and lots and lots of maps. The maps were of various malarial areas, lots of pretty colours, but unfortunately, all of them contradicted each other. The risks to the under five’s are high, so we have played safe and planned to travel the world “missing” all mosquito’s.

Just as well, because the mozzies are nasty little blighters, and as my research progressed, I was becoming increasingly aware of the very numerous and horrible ways in which we were all likely to die, or at least become horribly disfigured if we caught any of these nasty diseases; Japanese Encaphalytus, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever and many more.

All this is to say, we now have enough mosquito nets to make a trawlerman proud, various tablets, jungle juice, mosquito repellant clothing and pretty much anything else we can get our hands on to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

I also had this lovely idea that we would stay in Bali for Christmas and New Year. That was until I came across the NAFNAC website. A hypochondriacs dream that lists out very possible country with every possible way to catch something horrible. Well apparently, Bali is full of Rabid dogs, and the rabies jabs don’t protect you, they simply give you a bit longer to get medical help. The best advice from the travel clinic was to carry stones on your pockets. (presumably to throw at the dogs rather than to weigh you down when you are buried at sea!) This was the same clinic that suggested avoiding padi fields if we wanted to avoid mosquitoes, but all they eat is rice!!!

So with all this information we signed up for pretty much every immunisation going, the kids now have needle phobias (Theo refuses point blank to wear T shirts because he thinks he is going to the doctors to get stabbed) but at least we all have a sense of security from the long list of diseases that we now carry. I personally hate needles too, but at least I did not pass out. (Hey – Kai!)

From here I just need to sort out the malaria tablets, although Jo is still pretty sure we are not going anywhere that needs them. I think Tesco stocks them so I may get a few just in case.

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